La Ferme Aux Crocodiles

Pierrelatte, France

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The site is open 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

It includes a souvenir shop and an indoor/outdoor bar.

A fascinating world of reptiles can be found in Pierrelatte in the Drôme (26) at La Ferme aux Crocodiles, the only reserve of its kind in Europe.

In an 8000 m2 landscaped conservatory, more than 400 animals cohabit, including 23 species of crocodiles, giant tortoises weighing up to 150 kg and snakes, as well as fish and tropical birds. Visitors can also explore 4000 m2 of outdoor space where they will discover 600 plant species.

In 2015, a 1200 m2 panoramic conservatory was built to house new species. La Ferme aux Crocodiles also has a support system for scientific research and animal species conservation.

The largest crocodile reserve in Europe

Ferme aux Crocodiles is the second most-visit site in Rhône Alpes. This unique 12,000 m2 reptile exploration site entertains and amazes 330,000 visitors each year.


La Ferme aux Crocodiles is open year-round, including Sundays and holidays.


395 Allée de Beauplan,
26700 Pierrelatte


+33 4 75 04 33 73

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