Our Expertise


The Finance Department's role is to guarantee and optimise the use of Group resources in a way that increases their value.

Each site is supervised by the Finance Director, who is assisted by a team of accountants, auditors and local finance experts.

The department designs and leads the Group’s financial strategy and ensures it is continually adapted as necessary based on changing projects and needs.

Of course, the department rigorously follows accounting and fiscal obligations at all locations.

The department also provides accounting and budget oversight, as well as internal procedure and financial flow control, and manages cash and bank relationships.


The Operations Department oversees all of a site's operations.

This includes the visit, shops, concessions and other activities related to sales, such as events, coordination, sales optimisation and improving hospitality quality.

The department is responsible for managing operating expenses and products. In this capacity, they define budget priorities and track progress on work projects.

It interacts with suppliers, concessions staff and partners on sales, legal, service quality and training matters.

The Operations Department manages relationships with trustees in the various areas related to joint ownership: project committees, trade union councils, technical commissions and joint ownership expense tracking.

Finally, a large part of the department’s work is focused on managing personnel. This includes acting in management and human resources roles for team managers, store managers, greeters, ticket takers, sales staff and administrative personnel.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication's objective is to promote M56 Group's tourist sites to the public.

The department develops specific marketing strategies for each site, communication campaigns, media relations activities and events. It also outlines a media plan that’s best adapted to the goals.

Special attention is paid to social networks, where we have a strong and consistent presence.

The department also conducts consumer studies because M56 Group keeps visitors at the centre of its actions and developments.

Finally, the department creates a quality visitor experience so that each experience offered is unique and memorable.

In summary, our marketing and communication goals are to:

– Improve sites’ popularity so they become must-see locations
– Ensure an impeccable brand image
– Increase the number of site visitors to support the Group’s growth

All to create a unique experience for visitors.


The Sales Department is in charge of group sales for all our attractions and manages teams at each of our sites.

The department’s role is to implement the sales strategy by identifying and analysing targets and markets to create an action plan.

The department actively participates in negotiating with large accounts and continually tracks markets in order to identify each country’s potential and changes in how major tourist operators are distributed.

The department keeps in regular contact with local and national organisations in charge of tourist promotion.

The company has a number of representative offices actively promoting our sites in markets with strong potential.

Finally, this department oversees cross-departmental projects related to technology changes (ticket system, electronic tickets, CRM and dynamic pricing).

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